About Us


Since inception, our mantra has been to build market leading new homes at locations where people would want to buy, live and invest at highly competitive prices.

Our reputation is to seek out the best property investment opportunities for our esteemed customer base.

Our objective is to select the best locations for new developments and construct luxury apartments, duplexes and town houses that are outstanding property investments designed in a manner that continues to entice people from all over Nigeria to make our homes their own.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create loyal and enduring relationships by building market leading homes at competitive prices.We are Professional in our approach, entrepreneurial in our thinking and loyal in our relationships.

As a buyer or tenant you will find us approachable, attentive, caring, efficient and reliable.We will continue to introduce into the market affordable and contemporary homes that enhance the returns and experience for all our customers.

We are always happy to share our specialist property knowledge, which consistently proves to be of great benefit to investors in Nigeria. Whether the investor be Nigerian or overseas resident, Resource homes possesses the expertise to help.

Resource Homes people are dynamic, committed and creative, and are always willing to talk with, learn from, and engage with our customers. Our aim is to exceed our own and our customers' expectations.